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Stealth Tip Down

Tip Down Jig Tails

Tip Down Jig Tails

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This 10 pack of Tip Down Jig Tails provides a realistic and lifelike look for fishing that makes it hard to resist. The fine point soft tails make for an enticing presentation that will help you catch the big one.


- 1 3/8" long

- 1/8" head to fine point soft tail


Avaiable in these color options (Left to Right as shown):

- Black w/ Gold Glitter

- Orange w/ Silver Glitter

- Chartreuse w/ Gold Glitter

- White w/ Silver Glitter

- Midnight Blue w/ Red Glitter

- Motor Oil w/ Gold Glitter

- Red w/ Red Glitter

- June Bug w/ Silver Glitter

- Fluorescent Pink w/ Red Glitter

- Watermelon w/ Gold Glitter


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